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Girls On the RunMore than 1600 participants from all over the Western Slope gathered on Saturday for the Girls On the Run 5k in Grand Junction, CO. GOTR serves many communities including Mesa, Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, Chafee, Garfield, Routt, San Juan, San Miguel, and Eagle counties. A non profit program, GOTR teaches pre-teen girls to develop self respect and a healthy lifestyle through running. The 10 week program focuses on topics such as bullying, body image and the media, resisting peer pressure, making healthy decisions, and contributing to one’s community.

GOTR is available to girls in grades 3-5. If you have a daughter in this age range and GOTR is offered at her school, encourage her to do it. Even if she isn’t a “runner”, encourage her to do it anyway. And do it with her – it is so much fun!!  The first year my daughter participated, I volunteered to be a coach, and so I can tell you firsthand that the lessons are fantastic. Each lesson is coordinated with group activities and running games that drive the point of the lesson home. Some schools on the Western Slope do GOTR in the fall. If you are interested and your school doesn’t offer GOTR, it is worth volunteering to get the program going at your school.

The GOTR season culminated Saturday when all of the girls ran a 5K together. The crowd was large and it was a great fun to be out there running with so many other girls, friends and families while everyone was cheering everyone else on.  Visit their website to find out more about Girls on the Run on the Western Slope.



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