Soap Creek – Great Camping for Kids

April 30, 2012

Nestled behind Blue Mesa Reservoir, Soap Creek Campground is a gorgeous place to camp with kids in Southwest Colorado. As we first drove up, I was thinking mostly about kayaking and didn’t initially notice the transition from dry sage brush to lush forest. As the road wound around behind the reservoir, we drove through some trees and then saw beautiful mountains appear from out of nowhere. The campsite was exceptionally pretty and nice, and is absolutely perfect for a gaggle of kids to run around. There was a stream nearby which provided nice sleeping ambiance, and there are several hiking trails directly out of the campground. I’m told that this river slows to a trickle later in the summer which makes it perfect for the little kiddos to play in.

Campgrounds Colorado

Here’s how to get there:

Take 50 towards Gunnison. Turn left off Highway 50 (before the reservoir, but when you see it) and cross Blue Mesa Dam. Now follow signs to Soap Creek Campground. There are two campsites. The first is Ponderosa which is ok, but very exposed and would likely be hot in the summer. If you keep going to the end of the road, you will come to Soap Creek Campground. The camp sites are all nicely spaced apart are layed out in a loop. Here’s another view from Soap Creek Campground:

Soap Creek Campground

When you go, bring fishing poles, kayaks and other boats.  Also bring bikes.

Blue Mesa Reservoir


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