Local Activities

Ice Skating

San Juan Parent Ice Skating

I recently took my kids ice skating in Mountain Village next to the Hotel Madeline.  Despite the initial sticker shock of spending nearly forty bucks for ice skating & rentals for three of us (I grew up ice skating for free on uneven ponds back east), the experience was a blast, and full of...
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Kindermusik in the San Juan Mountains

Photo Credits by ucbadboy

Hey Kindermusik Fans!  Kindermusik classes are currently being offered throughout the region, and now is the time to sign up! It has been widely proven by psychologists that music benefits early childhood development in a multitude of ways, including building language, math, social, emotional, gross & fine motor skills. Besides all that, Kindermusik is...
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Cats Come Out to Play

Telluride Snowcat

We are taking a few days off from the grind, and find that we are doing random things like watching the cats come out to play at night. And these cats are the best because they don’t stick their butt in my face in the middle of the night.

Math and Science Center

Math and Science Center Grand Junction

Are the kids starting to get antsy? If you’re looking to get out of town before the kids go back to school, consider visiting the John McConnell Math & Science Center in Grand Junction.   The Math & Science center educates kids about math, technology, engineering, and scientific principles with hands-on exhibits that allows kids...
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15 Ways to Celebrate New Years With Your Kids


Whether you have small kids and it’s all you can do to make it to 10PM without passing out, or older kids that can handle the late night, there are lots of things for families to do for New Years in the San Juan Mountains. Here are some ideas of some things you can...
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Happy Holidays!

San Juan Parent Christmas Eve

As every parent knows, Christmas can easily be an overwhelming, stressful time of year and it’s hard to not get caught up in the madness and remember the point of the holiday. The point is in fact different for everyone, but for me it is my family. Seeing extended family, playing with the kids...
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Photo by toomas

Colorado is one of those rare places where you can watch winter descend. The snow line in the mountains creeps steadily closer to lower elevations over a progression of weeks until all the world is dusted in that first real snowfall of winter. In honor of the storm brewing across the state, here are...
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An Old Fashioned Christmas with Telluride Historical Museum

San Juan Parent Schmid Ranch

On Saturday we took our first visit to Schmid Ranch on Wilson Mesa. I have seen it advertised in recent years, but for whatever reason we have never gone before.  Schmid Ranch and Telluride Historical Museum partnered up to throw an Old Fashioned Christmas, and all of the donations benefited the museum. Schmid Ranch is a...
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Inspirational Quote

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.
Evan Esar


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