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San Juan Parent is written by a posse of parent writers scattered throughout Southwest Colorado and beyond. We write about food, travel and books, adventure and relaxation, local events and activities, all from the parental perspective. From our communities to yours, welcome!
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San Juan Parent is a community of Mommies and Daddies who are hoping to keep their wild children occupied in this gorgeous area. We want to splash with them at the water park coming to Montrose, or ski with them in Telluride, maybe run with them in a local 5k, or quite possibly, lovingly neglect them at Mack’s. And while they are (FINALLY) distracted, we want to read the blog posts from local Mom’s who share their hearts and (semi-crazy) minds.

We are a rowdy, somewhat untidy, but always friendly bunch and we love getting to live and play in our beautiful state. We just wanted a hub to help us all get together and find out… What’s going on?!

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